Metropolitan Planning Council Research and Data

September 7, 2016



Many of our past presenters have mentioned the Metropolitan Planning Council.  The MPC thinks about the entire Chicago region, and everything in it. From its people and businesses, to its neighborhoods and transportation networks, to its lakes, rivers and parks. All of the regional assets that need to work together effectively for this area can work!

The key to much of this is their research.  On September 7th, we will meet Alden Lourey, the MPC Director of Research and Evaluation.  Formerly a reporter with The Chicago Reporter, Alden now follows trends and conducts primary research to produce reports, web content, conference presentations and regional indices for internal and external audiences.

Alden will talk about the research and data around a variety of research topics including schools, transportation and housing.  And he will preview for us his latest research project around the economic cost of segregation. 

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